Saturday, 9 June 2007

The saddest day in the world

Here is my website omg?

Well, should I bother to continue posting here? I'll probably be making game updates on the website once it's all sorted out. Who cares? Probably nobody ;(

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Well hi.

Oh, I should get back to making this thing seen as that other thing is done. Right?

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Sucks to be me

I am taking a short break during a stressful and busy time in my life to work on a different, more light-hearted project. I will return to making this game at a later day, maybe one or two weeks from now.


Monday, 9 April 2007

All of creation!!

I'm mucking around trying to do different skies.

Here's an easy one.
Same test level...

I can't seem to get my head together and get down to doing the annoying things: enemies and traps and so on.

Friday, 6 April 2007

I'm not dead yet

I've been working on:
Different parallax backgrounds.
Intro animation.
Fixing fades.
Changing some levels around.

Here's a screenshot:
It's a test level.

It's fun to be working on large-scale art for a change. However, I don't feel like I'm particularly good at it so I'll just have to do my best and not spend ages mucking around with pixels.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Listening to Kohina

I've been working on the game a lot recently. I'm just trying to implement some really nice parallax skies. Once I get it all sorted out I'll put a screenshot or movie here.

A few days ago I refactored a lot of the enemy code to make them a lot more logical, and a lot more like FSMs so the code is quite readable. Unfortunately there's a lot more to go, but at least this easier form of coding will make future enemies a lot easier to code.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Recently, I have been very sick and ill. I may not survive to release this game, as the diagnosis was very bad. I will try with my final time to do the best and will make sure my last will and testament states the source code for my game be uploaded to here.

Luckily though, it's just the common cold, and I am already getting better. I have recently been working on getting the large hulk robot walking around in the game.